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Because knitting's not just for nice people
Camera Cosy FO + Surprise! 
28th-Dec-2007 10:36 pm
Gotta have Blue Hair
Since I'll be hauling my camera around with me next year I decided I needed a camera cosy. Funnily enough I didn't get a camera case when I bought my camera. I think I was ripped off.

I knitted my cosy in 2x2 rib using my merino/acrylic blend which I also used for my Calorimetry. When I was seaming it up I noticed that the yarn was two different colours. I'm not happy with it now. :-(


It looks like a shadow but you can really see the colour change. I'd be happy if it was all the darker colour or all the lighter colour.

I don't have an action shot because I need my camera. It stretches the rib taut and holds the camera still. It's slightly too short (for me)because I forgot to add and extra few rows to account for the bottom of the camera.

Also, my surprise to you all:

Mum and I were digging through her wardrobe last month and we found two Knitting Collection binders. One is full and the other only has about a third of the pages. I was flicking through it and it lists how to do cables, different stitches and things like diagonal rib and lace work. I'm thinking I'll have to bring it to the next sacrifice of the knitting blasphemers meet up.


28th-Dec-2007 12:46 pm (UTC)
I bought my camera in a package with a camera dock and printer. Perhaps Kodak doesn't love me.

Last night I knitted five rows. Those five took me about 1.5 hours. Today I knitted for another 1-1.5 hours and completed it. I spent 10 minutes seaming it up.
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