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Because knitting's not just for nice people
Knitting Squares 
28th-Jan-2008 10:53 am
So I've decided to do the knitting squares thing.

Basically I'd love it if people would use up their leftover wool to knit squares for me, and I'll (... hopefully) be sewing them together into a blanket or two or more depending on how many squares I get, and donating these blankets to the Guardian Pharmacies knitting appeal, in August. Therefore I'd like all squares by July, but preferably before that.

You can get your friends to knit squares with you, but please don't give them my address, just collect them from your friends and you give them to me. :)

You can use any sort of yarn, as long as it's not 'feathery' or that fluffy sort that is really really soft, because these things get sent to places like poverty stricken areas of Mongolia, and it does need to be durable and washable. Whatever colours you want/have are fine though.

You can use whatever needles you want, as long as it's not really loose knitting, and you can knit in whatever styles and patterns you want- take it as an opportunity to practice styles, or, take it as an opportunity to straight knit while you're watching tv, I don't mind.

The squares must be six inches by six inches.
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