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Because knitting's not just for nice people
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6th-Apr-2008 06:12 pm - Leaving Adelaide
It doesn't seem right, just as I return to Adelaide, I'm about to leave.

Similar cross-posting to what I put in not_november. I'm leaving, and would love to catch up with all y'all. So, Sunday the 20th of April, at 2pm, I will be at Caffe Buongiorno on Rundle St, to raise a pint or three or five to my stay Down Under.

What does this have to do with knitting, you ask?

I have a bunch of acrylic (sorry :( ) yarn and some boring metal and bamboo needles I will be giving away if anyone wants it. And if not, this bag of stash will be heading to Salvos.

Sorry, the *really* good stuff is going back with me. However, I may have some hand-made spindles in the stash bag. ;)

(Besides, the acrylic would make good charity blankets. I would knit them up if I had the time.)
30th-Jan-2008 03:08 pm - Pub Crawling - Saturday 02.02.2008
For those who want/are able to participate in the Evil Pub Crawl of 2008, details are below.


Saturday 2nd of February

Meeting at

The Brecknock (401 King William St)

around 1400 (2 pm)

The Plan:  One drink (or one hour - whichever comes first) at each pub.  Goal = 5 pubs, then dinner?

Wear comfortable shoes.

Bring simple knitting if you're planning to imbibe.
28th-Jan-2008 10:53 am - Knitting Squares
So I've decided to do the knitting squares thing.

Basically I'd love it if people would use up their leftover wool to knit squares for me, and I'll (... hopefully) be sewing them together into a blanket or two or more depending on how many squares I get, and donating these blankets to the Guardian Pharmacies knitting appeal, in August. Therefore I'd like all squares by July, but preferably before that.

You can get your friends to knit squares with you, but please don't give them my address, just collect them from your friends and you give them to me. :)

You can use any sort of yarn, as long as it's not 'feathery' or that fluffy sort that is really really soft, because these things get sent to places like poverty stricken areas of Mongolia, and it does need to be durable and washable. Whatever colours you want/have are fine though.

You can use whatever needles you want, as long as it's not really loose knitting, and you can knit in whatever styles and patterns you want- take it as an opportunity to practice styles, or, take it as an opportunity to straight knit while you're watching tv, I don't mind.

The squares must be six inches by six inches.
22nd-Jan-2008 06:26 pm - Squares
Someone on an LJ comm I saw the other day, was advertising a thing where people were making equally sized (ish, i assume) squares out of their left over yarn, and then sending them to someone who was going to crotchet them together as blankets for children in a hospital in a third world country.
I was wondering... would anyone here be up for organising something like that? I know that we end up having lots of left over yarn. And we could get our friends from around the net in on it too and they can send it to us. (I know of quite a few people who might be interested in sending me a square or two)
I don't know how to crotchet squares together, would someone be able to teach me? And I have no idea where we'd donate these blankets, but surely there's somewhere we can donate them? Does the world vision donation thing allow blankets, perhaps?
Would anyone else be interested in doing this?

I was thinking that maybe we could come up with a set size for the squares (they could be multicoloured squares if you reallly want to use up your wool!) and then get our friends/family who are knitters, online or real life, to give us/send us squares, and then we switch them around between us to get a good number each, and crochet them together.
15th-Jan-2008 11:11 am - On hands and knees, like beasts
What are you doing on the 2nd of February, at 1400?

Crawling between pubs?

If you confirm the date here, further details will follow.
This is the time to:

1) Nominate a date for the pub crawl (Saturday?  Sunday?  Friday night?)

...and while you're at it...

2) List your favourite pubs.  Is the city easiest for everyone?  Or would people prefer a change of scenery?  Beach pubs, for example?

(Don't forget that you'll need to bring some knitting that requires no pattern and no shaping - depending on how much you intend to drink.  I wouldn't recommend tension squares, as the chances are that your tension when well loose on the loosening juice is probably different to your regular (sober) tension.)
28th-Dec-2007 02:07 pm - 2008
Is anyone interested in bacchanals knit togethers for 2008? 

And/or long-delayed pub crawl?

Speak to me, for I am exhausted.
22nd-Nov-2007 11:20 am - Sunday
Can anyone convince me that it's worth catching up on the weekend?

I'm not feeling it.  I need convincing. 
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